Belleville Rendez-vous a critical review

I found the animation not very interesting but realised that it took allot of effort to create. In comparisons to 3D animation movie i.e. Toy story, I prefer to watch the 3D animations. I didn’t like the way it moves as it wasn’t very smooth and free flowing for example the way the characters walk looked like they were struggling. However this may have been done for effect and the creators may not have paid too much attention to this as it may have been a low budget animation. To me it looked like a cartoon aimed at the children, something that would be showing on children’s TV channels. The animations didn’t look realistic but more fantasised.  I found the motion to be caricatured. For example the chubby lady was more or less the same size as the bed she was sorting out and the man was very skinny but had massive calf’s and thighs, exaggerating the point of riding a bike.  I think they determined the correct motion for the characters and animals via studding them before hand, so watched how a lady goes about her day, the way she moves, talks, breathes etc. They would also have followed the behaviour of a dog to see how it moves and acts. The way the car kept rolling down the hill wasn’t realistic as a car never keeps flipping over like that nor at that slow speed.

I found that most of the animation was a caricature of human features and landmarks. The human’s features were over exaggerated for example they all had big noses, most of the women were fat which kind of contradicts today’s women who aim to be skinny. The dog was also portrayed to be better fed than the man. The location was France but it had references which were parodies of landmarks in America, for example the statue of liberty. The other locations such as streets, roads, houses, kitchen, and rooms are real locations but have been played around with to make it humorous.

The story telling I found hard to understand at first but half way through it was easy to see what was going on. By then you are able to understand the beginning middle and end. For example the lady trains the man to become a cyclist to compete in the tour de France via making him power the music records he then gets kidnapped and the lady goes to rescue him. As there wasn’t much talking the locations and signs assisted the story well. Via these you were able to see where its set, where they’re going and how they’re getting there. However I still feel that audio in terms of vocals is important to tell a story otherwise its difficult to understand whets going on. Audio in terms of sound effects are also important as they make the animation interesting and more recognisable and realistic. For example if there was a car crash and there was no”bang” noise then it wouldn’t work. It would be stupid.

A strength of the animation would be it was successful to tell a story with hardly and vocal speech. Some of the effects like rain drop shadows made the animation look more realistic and interesting to watch as you can tell they have paid a fair bit of attention on detail. The caricatured scenes made it humorous as it would otherwise been even more boring to watch.

A weakness for me was it didn’t look realistic like 3D animations do. Obviously it’s almost impossible to create an animation that’s exactly realistic but I think it could have been done better. However for a children’s programme it would be perfect as it’s like other cartoon programmes.


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