Stop Motion Animation Industry

Stop motion Animation had been around for years dating back to early 20th century. At the time stop motion animation wasn’t done on computers but done via zoetrope, which makes pictures look like they’re moving. It’s a cylinder with holes, which has a sequence of pictures that you look at through holes in the cylinder. Whilst the cylinder spins it creates the illusion that the pictures are moving. Flip books were also used to show short animation.

One of the main pioneers of stop motion animation is Ray Harryhausen who used model animation in the film “the lost world” 1925. He would use models of dinosaurs and interact them with the real world. Willis O Brien uses jointed dolls and moves them step by step. More recent stop motion animations are done with puppets and clay. Nick Park creator of Wallace and Gromit, which is probably the most popular and recognizable form of stop motion animation today. The characters here are made up of plasticine models and filmed with stop motion clay animation.

Todays animation focuses on using the CGI for example the Pixar film “Toy Story” 1995. Stop motion is sill used for the likes of advertising but feature lengthen films tend to be in CGI. The equipment has changed drastically, today animations are all done on the computer using software’s like istop motion and 3D studio max just to mention a few. Other programs like Pixar’s Renderman have been created to make animation look more realistic than ever before.


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