Lip Synching

The lip synching lecture made me realise how complicated animation actually is. It was an area which i had not paid to much attention to, if not any. Lip synching is a vital part of animation which has to be perfect to go with the audio otherwise the animation i.e the characters mouth would just look like its moving up and down.

There’s a few ways to do lip synching, one of which is by drawing out the mouth shapes, in the way they look when spoken and the other is like a ventriloquist i.e having the mouth cut of a face and moving it up and down.

The lecture helped me understand lip synching and how it can be done. The wave form of any audio clip can really help determine when the mooch should move. Also to make it easier you should use phonemes i.e. you = u. So basically you should sound the word rather than speak it.


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