Chichan Concept Design

This week the plan was to come up with the main creature in my movie. I started by getting to know my crature and what i wanted it to be like. I decided to work my way up as in, first I would focus on the feet, next the wings etc. To influence my designs I had previously looked at different types of chickens and wings from other bird type animals. To gain more inspiration I looked at images of wings, birds, fathers and other animals such as snakes.

Name – Chichan

Age – 4

Color – Goldie brown

Personality – Powerful, aggressive

Associates – other chickens

Special features – gold eggs, fly’s

Final Design.

Before I did any animation trials,I thought I should look at some videos on movement. This way I will know how to animate my creatures. I looked at pigeons movement as well as chickens as they are similar birds.

Once I had done my research I put together a few animation trials.


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