Week 2

This week tutorial lessons gave us an insight into codecs and how important they are. I learnt which codec would be best for all video recordings we take forward as if its a too bigger file it would take longer to render etc. The 3D lesson bought me how I would come up with basic modelling which would help me create assets for the final project. The graphics and design lesson helped me come up with vehicle design which I could use in the project and if not I’d be able to create a new vehicle as I know how to draw a functional vehicle if I needed one.

Interms of group work this week we had several ideas put forward for a storyline. In the end we put bis of everyones ideas together to come up with one good story. This way everyone had an input.

In terms of research this week i watched a few special effects movies such as Alvin and the chipmunks, Cowboys & Aliens and Terminator 2. I thought this would give me ideas. I liked the scene where the the antagonist goes through metal bars in the terminated movie. I thought id would be cool to do something like this but with going through doors.


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