Week 5

This week by going to the video audio and concept tutorial lesson I got ideas for the project. We learnt how to do explosions and kind of gun shots which would help for one of the scenes in the final sequence. The lesson in 3D graphics helped understand how camera and lighting works in 3ds max and how we could be able to get a camera to track the character when he’s running in the scene. this made our ideas more clearer as we knew how we would do certain things.

In terms of research this week I watched some more special effects movies such as Clash of the Titans and Harry Potter. This gave me ideas for a character for example a creature with 4 arms, 2 creatures joint together on their backs and the morph character with a cctv as a head.

We continued our research by learning how motion capture works and familiarising ourself with the software. This way we had an option of capturing live data and applying it to the digital character.


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