Week 10

This week we really had to get a move on with the project as last week went to waste. The plan for this week was to get the recording of the live scenes done but due to bad weather we decided to get the motion capture done. The first session of the week went getting use to the technology and how to use it. The image show the skeleton, once we had attached all the joints together and labelled the bones.

The second and thirst sessions of the week went capturing data that would be needed for the final special effects sequence. It started off going all wrong as we didn’t create a skeleton before capturing the performances but once we did it all went well and good. We then put the motion capture on to a biped.

We all started to create our own versions of how the character should look in 3D by modelling it in 3dsmax as we had suppose to have done this last week. Alex had already done a quick mock up 3d design of the character which he had been using in tests but me and Viqhaas created a model which looked more like what we had set out from the character concept designs.


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