Week 11

This week we had to get the filming done for the live scenes. We couldn’t get the filming done in the first session of the week due to the bad weather but by the second session the weather was perfect. We managed to get all the filming done in 3 hours and took multiple recording of each scene. The roles were clear for the day, Alex and Viqhaas would be acting and I would be the camera man.

We had a few problems with the camera to start with, for example when panning the camera would stutter bait but we sorted that altering the shutter speeed. We all chipped in on how the shots should be taken and as we didn’t have a script we had to improvise. When it came to filing the scenes the initial ideas of how the shots should be taken had changed and more idea had come up. This was mainly due to the scenes being to long and taken from one angle. This was mainly the case in the first scene so we decided to add a bit where the 3d character would be approaching the door and have the actors talking in the background sound.

Overall I think this was the week the group worked really well together and in doing so we are back on track in the project.

Another example of a motion capture test.



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