Week 12

This week the task was to start putting the shots together and put the 3d character into the scenes. Once we had put the shots together the sequence was too long so we had to decide which bits to get rid of. We also found that we didn’t have enough shots from different angles but we had to make do with what we had so had to set the shots out in a way that didn’t look flat and boring. We are happy with the way it looks but made a decision that we would do some more filming we have time in the coming weeks and the weather is similar to how it was.

After the editing Alex showed me how to use the software Syntheyes so i could start to do some camera matching and i had a go at character rigging in 3dsMax. The rigging was difficult to do and it didn’t come out too well at the first attempt but was good enough for a test.

as of the end of this week we are still on track to finish the project on time. Due to the experience i have gained this week, I plan to do some camera matching for the final version of the special effects sequence. As a group we have really pulled together the past few weeks and are working well as a team, we re all doing a bit of everything which is helping us gain experience and knowledge in using new softwares like syntheyes.


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