Week 13

The task for this week was to start applying the 3D character into the live scenes. However we came across a few problems such as the rigging in the character was a little wrong and some of the video recordings didn’t have any camera movement which would make it hard to mach move. We did some animation trials of how the scene would look, like when the character open the door.

The week went tweaking the character and getting more use to the software syntheses. We decided if we couldn’t get the character rigged properly by the end of the second session we would just use the biped and as we couldn’t we used the biped and applied a quicksilver renderer onto it which made it look more like the initial character.

To familiarise ourself with the software we looked at more tutorials and random videos on youtube, this would be our main research for the week. The link below shows a test of mach moving we did. We realised that the lighting of the character and the scene were noticeable and the character is larger than what we want but it gave us an idea of how the final sequence could look like and we was happy with the result.



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