Week 14

This week we we started to put the animated character into the live scenes. It was still quite tricky even though we had done some tests using the software but Alex had good knowledge on how to do it so he took leadership and main responsibility in putting the character into the live scenes. Me and Viqhaas observed the process and gave feedback and input in bettering the scene in terms of lighting and then started putting the scenes together. By the end of the week wee still needed to do one more scene. Overall we worked well as a group even though Alex had most of the work load, even though we are behind our original schedule, we look set to finish before the deadline. we started by just having a biped as the character in the scene to see how it would look, this way we was able to see if the lighting was correct, the shadows, characters movement and positioning.

The video below is the final version of the first scene.


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