Week 1- Story

This week after we got the brief, as a group we decided on what sort of genre we should go ahead with. We settled on the science fiction genre and came up with a variation of storylines. We wanted the story to be around the idea of living forever or at least having the human race live forever. Once we had heard everyones ideas we went with this story.

“The story is based in a world where everything has been wiped out by what appears to be a nuclear disaster and all life on earth seems to have been lost. However two survivors remain, two scientists who were able to foretell this disaster and take refuge in an underground bunker. Meanwhile extra-terrestrial beings come to earth to replenish the population by planting a device known as “The seed of life” but in order to be able to do this, the population of human life on earth must be down to an absolute  zero, as it would interfere with the cycle. The story follows the struggle between the extra-terrestrial beings and the humans for control of the “seed of life” and the right to replenish the earth”


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