Proposal Overview

•I have decided to create a short animation that would visual engage the viewers. The sequence will be of a kinetic typographic theme.
•The sequence will be based on the introduction to the men in black song and I will use animated text and vector images to show this.
•Time scale – 30 – 40 seconds
•Style – Vector with typography
•Images and vector illustrations
•Software – Photoshop, illustrator, After Effects
•The sequence will be made up of 2D layers but will be put into 3D space in after effects
•Animated text will visually engage the viewers as they will be seeing text In a different way as well as hear the audio of the sequence.
•The purpose of the product is not only to visually engage and entertain the viewers but to show how text can be visually entertaining.
•This product is meant for online streaming on video sites such as vimeo and YouTube.

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