Show-reel Pitch

•I aim to produce a reel that showcases my interests in modeling, simulations and motion graphics.
•I will create several short scenes for simulation animations. Including, particle morphing and smoke/water simulations.
•I will include models from masterpiece and previous years work. 
Industry Requirements 
3D modeler

Understanding of scale and proportion.

Eye for detail.

In-depth knowledge of modeling software

Meet deadlines and adapt to change of brief

Creative and inventive

Able to UV Map


Excellent observation

Knowledge of principles of animation

Creative and inventive

Attention to detail to achieve realism


Justification Of Choices Made

I’ve decided to involve simulation and models in my show reel as my interests lye in these areas. The variety of work in the show reel will reflect how broad my skillset is.
I’ve chosen to create my 3D work in 3DSMax as I am familiar with the software even though Houdini would be better for simulations.
2D work such as titles and identity’s will be done using aftereffects

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