Company Name: Tahajul Islam Productions (TIP)

Group Member: Tahajul Islam

Project Title: TIP by Design
The outcome of the module is to create an advertisement for a watch.
This will be done by modelling the watch and environments in the 3d.
The animations will be key framed and will include some particle
simulations. The style of the piece will be minimalistic and conventional
to watch adverts for example a lot of close ups which shows off the
watch along with a scene that embodies the purpose of the advert,
which is to show why this watch is incomparable to other leading
brands. The use of a voiceover will be to give the feel of luxury and
I intend to create the piece using 3DSMax for the modelling and
animation. After effects will be used for post-production. Other
software’s such as Photoshop and Nuke will also aid the creation.

The aim of the project is to create an industry standard advert that
competes with watch adverts already out there. The models are too
look photorealistic once rendered.

The watch advert will be created in HD format for commercial air with
the potential of rendering in 4k for future proof but for this module will
be viewed on social networking sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Key Selling Points
• An advert that looks real but is actually all virtual.
• The sequence will be all in 3D and animations will be key framed.
• Visually engaging, short and to the point

Skills Audit
The skills audit shows where my strengths and weaknesses lay
incompletion of the project. My level of skill is rated on a scale of 1 to
10. 10 being outstanding.

Modelling (3DSMax) I have good experience in modelling and
understand the process needed.  7/10

Animation/Simulation (3DSMax)
I have no real understanding of simulation
such as particle simulations.  5/10

Lighting (3DSMax) I have very little experience in using lights in
scenes. 5/10

Texturing (3DSMax) I know how to texture but struggle to get
the textures to look realistic.  6/10

Cinematography (3DSMax)
I understand the camera shots and angles
well but struggle with camera movements. 7/10

Post- production (Aftereffects)
I understand how to colour correct and
make everything look like one piece but
struggle with synchronisation of sound
effects. 6/10

Job Specification
As I am working on my own on this project I will be doing everything
myself. I have outlined the main jobs that will make the project
Job title: 3D Modeller
The purpose of the Modeller is to model a nice looking watch that is
textured to a very good standard so once rendered looks realistic.
Modeller will also model the environment using Autodesk 3DSMax.
Job title: Animator
The purpose of the animator is to animate the movements of the
watch working and the virtual cameras to make the scene look
professional. The simulations will need to have realistic movements to
look believable.
Job title: Post Production Leader
The purpose is to make everything look like it belongs and make it flow
smoothly. The final touches such as colour correction and audio sound
will need to be good quality to make the piece industry standard.
Adobe After Effects will be used to add the final touches such as titles.
Job title: Branding
The purpose is to promote the piece and give it a form of identity.
Adobe Photoshop will be used to design a logo for the company and
watch itself, along with promotional material such as posters and

Evaluation and Testing
Evaluation will be done alongside the production of the project. This will be
done via an online blog that will be updated weekly. This will include selfevaluation
of what went well, what didn’t go so well and what has been
achieved. Posting regular updates and asking peers, friends and people in
the industry for critique will evaluate the final piece. By getting this constant
feedback throughout the process of making the final piece, feedback can
be positively used to produce a very good standard final piece for the final
presentation. Monthly updates of the project will be posted on animation
and special effects forums as well, this will give me a more professional and
industry standard feedback.

Promotional Plan
As the project is an advertisement for a watch, it will promote itself. However
the advert will promote the company through the watch, this is due to the
watch being named the same as the company. The promotional material will
include posters and banners of the watch, not giving too much away by
having close up images of part of the watch. This will lead to people wanting
to see the full watch. The colour scheme will be the same as the final advert,
keeping it all tied together.


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